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10 Games to Play with Your Dog This Summer

1. Frisbee
All of the dogs absolutely love when we bust out the frisbees. It’s not only fun to throw the frisbee but the dogs have a blast catching it mid-air and running all around with it in their mouth. The best thing about Frisbee is it’s simple and can be played just about anywhere.

2. Bubbles
Who doesn’t love bubbles? The dogs get so excited when we bring out the bubble guns at daycare! Be sure to check that your bubbles are dog safe, or you can make your own using water and dish soap.


3. Tug of War
Tug of war is a typical game you can play with your dog. But you can change it up by buying a new toy. Take your dog for a trip to pick out a new summer tug toy! This game is a great way to get out energy and it can be played anywhere!

4. Red light green light
This isn’t your typical red light green light. This game is a great way to sneak a little training into your play time. Add obedience training by telling them to sit – stay – come and offering reward treats.

5. Doga
Do you love yoga? Why not include your pup? Everything is more fun with our furry friends by our side. Doga helps us focus on our breathing and relaxes us mentally and physically. Our dogs can sense when we are stressed so what a great way to stay calm and relaxed.

6. Fetch
This one is self explanatory but always a fan fave! You don’t even have to bring anything extra if you don’t want to. Find a good stick and a good boy/girl and enjoy the outdoors with your furry best friend.

7. Hide and Seek
Looking for a game the kids can play too? Hide and Seek is a go to easy game that the dogs will also enjoy. Pick a good hiding spot and watch your pup sniff everyone out. Don’t let the kids have all the fun, adults can play hide and seek too! Let your inner child shine.

8. Create an agility course
Creating your own agility course is another creative activity you can do with your dog and get the whole family involved. You can use things you already have around the house for example rope, chairs, tubes, boxes, anything. Bonus, your dog will have a fun time doing something different.

9. Puzzles games
Scent games help your dog use their natural talents. You can hide treats around the yard or house or use a puzzle toy and watch them sniff out their favorite treats. Enrichment is such a good thing for your dog. Puzzle enrichment toys are available any time your dog is staying with us at Vera’s for just $6!

10. Water games
Last but certainly not least is water games. Our Posh Pups always have the biggest smiles on water days! Grab a kiddie pool, sprinkler or just a water hose and let them splash around to cool off.

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