Vera's Posh Paws

Canine Spirit Week Fun

Monday – Sep 25th: School Colors Day
On Monday, we kick off our paw-tastic spirit week with Vera’s School Colors Day. Put on your dog’s best purple, red, yellow, green, or blue attire and strut your stuff. Whether it’s a stylish bandana, a collar, or a full-on outfit, let your dog’s true colors shine!

Tuesday – Sep 26th: Twin Tuesday
Twin Tuesday is all about matching outfits, and what better twin could you have than your dog? Dress up in coordinating outfits with your furry friend, whether it’s a matching bandana, a themed costume, or even a similar color scheme. Get creative and capture those adorable twinning moments. If you have two doggo, or your dog has a BFF at Vera’s they can come to daycare twinning too!

To ensure your pets safety, watch out for these common Easter items:

Wednesday – Sep 27th: Crazy Bandana Day
Wednesday is Crazy Bandana Day, the perfect opportunity to adorn your dog in the wildest, wackiest, and most colorful bandana you can find. Whether it’s polka dots, stripes, or a funky pattern, let your dog’s bandana steal the show.

Thursday – Sep 28th: Bark to the 80s
It’s time to take a trip back in time with Bark to the 80s day! Dress your dog in rad retro gear, like neon colors, scrunchies, or even an ’80s-themed costume. Relive the era of big hair, boomboxes, and totally tubular fashion.

Friday – Sep 29th: Dress to Impress
As we gear up for the weekend, let’s end spirit week in style with Dress to Impress day. Deck your dog out in their most dapper or elegant attire. From bowties to tutus, let your pup strut their stuff and shine like a star.

Homecoming Highlights
Friday is not just about dressing up; it’s also Homecoming day! We will be having a homecoming football game, and crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen. It’s a day filled with school spirit, excitement, and cheers.

Raffle for Dressed-Up Doggos

Throughout the week, every day your dog comes dressed up for spirit week will earn them an entry into our raffle. The more days they participate, the better their chances of winning the fabulous prize. After all, it’s not just about looking cute; it’s also about having a blast!

So, gear up for a week of canine spirit, school pride, and endless fun. Whether your dog is rocking school colors or taking a trip back to the ’80s, let’s make this spirit week one to remember for our furry companions. Show your spirit, snap some adorable photos, and make memories that will have tails wagging for years to come! #DoggySpiritWeek