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A Day of Thanks for Our Furry Friends!

A Day of Thanks for Our Furry Friends!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for our four-legged companions who bring so much joy and love into our lives. This Thanksgiving, let’s make sure our furry friends feel the warmth of the holiday spirit too! At Vera’s Posh Paws, we’re excited to announce a special Thanksgiving meal for all our canine guests, featuring delicious and dog-friendly treats that will leave tails wagging.

Thanksgiving Meal at Vera’s – Our special canine Thanksgiving meal will feature:

Ham: Did you know ham is safe for dogs as long as it’s lean cooked ham? We will be serving boneless, unseasoned ham that the dogs will absolutely LOVE! Ham is a good source of protein, and most dogs find its flavor irresistible.

Turkey: As long as you remove the bones, skin, and excess fat it’s safe to offer your pup a small, boneless, skinless piece as a special treat. We will also be serving Turkey for our thanksgiving meal.

Green Beans: What is a Thanksgiving meal without green beans? A side of plain, steamed green beans will not only add a pop of color to your pup’s plate but also contribute essential nutrients to their diet. Green beans are a healthy and low-calorie snack for dogs. Whether steamed or boiled, these crisp veggies are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Pumpkin Dessert: We will cap off the meal with a tasty pumpkin treat for dessert.
Pumpkin isn’t just a fall favorite for humans; dogs love it too! Packed with fiber and essential nutrients, plain canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) can be a tasty addition to your pup’s diet. It’s not only delicious but also great for their digestion.

Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving for Dogs:

Moderation is Key: While these Thanksgiving treats are safe for dogs, it’s essential to feed them in moderation to prevent digestive upset.
Avoid Harmful Ingredients: Onions, garlic, raisins, and certain spices commonly used in Thanksgiving dishes can be harmful to dogs. Keep these ingredients away from your pup’s plate.
As we prepare for this heartwarming Thanksgiving celebration for our furry friends at Vera’s Posh Paws, we want to remind all pet parents to ensure their pups don’t miss out on the festivities. Our Thanksgiving boarding spots are filling up fast, and we wouldn’t want any wagging tails to be left out of the fun!

To secure your pup’s spot at our Thanksgiving feast, and ensure your pup has a safe and enriching environment to spend the holidays be sure to book your boarding reservation ASAP. A 50% deposit is required on the day of booking to reserve your dog’s spot and ensure they have a comfortable and joyful Thanksgiving with us.

Don’t delay – give us a call, visit our website, or stop by in person to make sure your dog is included in this special Thanksgiving celebration. We look forward to hosting a memorable holiday for your furry family members and appreciate the opportunity to share the joy of the season with each and every one of our four-legged guests.

Wishing you and your pets a Happy Thanksgiving filled with love, gratitude, and tail wags!

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Preparing Your Pups for a Spooktacular Halloween

Preparing Your Pups for a Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween is TUESDAY and while it’s a thrilling time for humans, it can be a bit bewildering for our furry friends. The costumes, decorations, and visitors can create a spooky atmosphere that may leave your dogs feeling a bit unsettled. To ensure a fun and stress-free Halloween for your canine companions, follow these tips to prepare them for the big day.

Practice dressing up in their costume beforehand: If you plan to dress up your dogs in Halloween costumes, it’s a good idea to get them used to the attire beforehand. Most dogs are not accustomed to wearing costumes, so it’s essential to introduce the costumes gradually. Start with short sessions and positive reinforcement, gradually extending the time they spend in their costumes. Ensure that the costume is comfortable and safe for your furry friend.

To ensure your pets safety, watch out for these common Easter items:

Costume Safety: When selecting a costume for your dog, prioritize safety and comfort. Make sure it doesn’t restrict their movement or impede their vision, hearing, or breathing. Avoid costumes with small, detachable parts that could be swallowed. Remember, not all dogs enjoy dressing up, so if they seem uncomfortable or stressed, it’s perfectly fine to skip the costume.

Pet-Friendly Decorations: Decorations can add an exciting atmosphere to your Halloween festivities, but they can also be overwhelming for your dogs. Be cautious with decorations that might pose a threat to your furry friends. Keep items like candles, fake cobwebs, and small decorations out of their reach to prevent accidents.

Secure the Candy: Halloween candy, especially chocolate and items sweetened with xylitol, can be toxic to dogs. Make sure all candy is kept well out of their reach. Tell your guests to do the same and be extra cautious with kids who may want to share treats with your pets. If you want to indulge your dogs, opt for pet-friendly treats or create homemade treats that won’t harm them.

Respect Their Space: Halloween can be a noisy and bustling time, which may frighten your dogs. Create a safe and quiet space for them, complete with their bedding and toys. Playing soothing music or using a white noise machine can help mask the sounds of Halloween activities.
If you have a doggo who is reactive to new sounds or lots of people, consider boarding for Halloween! Vera’s Posh Paws has availability for your dog to come spend Halloween with us in a safe and secure facility, away from all the jump scares and spooky sounds. Call us today to reserve your spot!

Halloween should be a fun and enjoyable time for everyone, including your furry family members. By taking the necessary precautions and following these tips, you can ensure that your dogs have a safe and stress-free Halloween. Remember to prioritize their comfort and well-being, and have a spooktacular celebration together!

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The Last Bedlam Barkdown

The Last Bedlam Barkdown

Are you ready for the biggest Bedlam matchup in history? This year, the rivalry between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys takes on a special significance. It’s not just about football; it’s about the end of an era. In case you missed the memo, this will be the last Bedlam ever. It’s a bitter-sweet time for both universities as OU has decided to leave the Big 12 Conference, signaling the end of an era for the historic Bedlam Series. While the rivalry will still be remembered fondly by fans, it’s the last time these two teams will face off as conference rivals. It’s a bittersweet farewell to a tradition that has brought joy, excitement, and unity to the state of Oklahoma.

Choose Your Side: You get to choose your team! Will it be the crimson and cream of the OU Sooners, or the bold orange and black of the OSU Cowboys? Each day your pup is at Veras for the week of October 30th – Nov 3rd you will get an entry into the raffle. You can choose to vote for either OU or OSU to win! The following week, we will draw the lucky winner from the team’s bucket that wins the game.

How do I get started?

Don’t Forget to Book Your Dog’s Stay!

As the excitement builds for the last-ever Bedlam showdown on November 4th, we want to remind all the pet parents out there that Bedlam weekend (November 3-5) is just around the corner. If you’re planning to be out of town, catching the game in person, or just need a little peace and quiet to watch the game at home, now is the perfect time to secure your dog’s stay at Vera’s Posh Paws.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your dog’s stay with us. Secure their spot now, and rest assured that they’ll be pampered, safe, and content while you focus on the big game. Our slots are limited, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Bedlam Beyond the Field

While Bedlam may be ending as a conference rivalry, the spirit and love for these teams live on. So, as you gear up for the final Bedlam showdown, bring your dog to Vera’s Posh Paws and make it a memorable week for them too. It’s a week to celebrate not only football but the bond between dogs, fans, and teams. It’s the end of an era, but the beginning of new traditions that keep the Bedlam spirit alive.

Join us, pick your team, and let the Bedlam festivities begin at Vera’s Posh Paws. We’ll see you there, and may the best team win! 🐾🏈 #BedlamRaffle #LastBedlamEver

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Spooky Season Events

Spooky Season Events: Barks and Boos + Lick and Treat in October!

Are you ready for a howling good time this October? We certainly are! At Vera’s Posh Paws, we’re excited to announce not one but two pawsome events to celebrate the spooky season with your furry friends. Mark your calendars, because you won’t want to miss Barks and Boos and Lick and Treat, happening at our locations this October.

Barks and Boos at OKC Location – October 21st
On October 21st, we’re kicking off the Halloween festivities with ‘Barks and Boos’ at our OKC location. It’s going to be a frightfully fun day for both pets and pet parents alike!

Lick and Treat at Moore Location – October 28th
The Halloween fun continues on October 28th at our Moore location with ‘Lick and Treat.’ You are sure to have a frightful good time!

Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

Costume Contest: Dress up your pet in their spookiest or silliest costume and enter our costume contest for a chance to win fantastic prizes. From cute pumpkins to scary ghosts, let your creativity run wild!
Fall Activities: Come check out the vendors and food trucks, lots of booths will be decorated for the event as well as trick or treating for kid and doggos alike. We will have several different fall related games you won’t want to miss out on.

Adoption Opportunities: If you’re looking to expand your fur family, we’ll have local rescue organizations on-site with adorable pets in need of forever homes.

Both events are free to attend and open to pet lovers of all ages. Whether you have a dog, cat, or other furry friend, bring them along for a spooktacular time. Be sure to stop by the Vera’s booth for some goodies. We can’t wait to see your costumes!
Join us at ‘Barks and Boos’ in OKC on October 21st and ‘Lick and Treat’ in Moore on October 28th for a howling good time! Follow us on social media for event updates, costume ideas, and more. We can’t wait to celebrate the spookiest season of the year with you and your beloved pets. See you there! 🐾🎃👻

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Canine Spirit Week Fun

Canine Spirit Week Fun

Monday – Sep 25th: School Colors Day
On Monday, we kick off our paw-tastic spirit week with Vera’s School Colors Day. Put on your dog’s best purple, red, yellow, green, or blue attire and strut your stuff. Whether it’s a stylish bandana, a collar, or a full-on outfit, let your dog’s true colors shine!

Tuesday – Sep 26th: Twin Tuesday
Twin Tuesday is all about matching outfits, and what better twin could you have than your dog? Dress up in coordinating outfits with your furry friend, whether it’s a matching bandana, a themed costume, or even a similar color scheme. Get creative and capture those adorable twinning moments. If you have two doggo, or your dog has a BFF at Vera’s they can come to daycare twinning too!

To ensure your pets safety, watch out for these common Easter items:

Wednesday – Sep 27th: Crazy Bandana Day
Wednesday is Crazy Bandana Day, the perfect opportunity to adorn your dog in the wildest, wackiest, and most colorful bandana you can find. Whether it’s polka dots, stripes, or a funky pattern, let your dog’s bandana steal the show.

Thursday – Sep 28th: Bark to the 80s
It’s time to take a trip back in time with Bark to the 80s day! Dress your dog in rad retro gear, like neon colors, scrunchies, or even an ’80s-themed costume. Relive the era of big hair, boomboxes, and totally tubular fashion.

Friday – Sep 29th: Dress to Impress
As we gear up for the weekend, let’s end spirit week in style with Dress to Impress day. Deck your dog out in their most dapper or elegant attire. From bowties to tutus, let your pup strut their stuff and shine like a star.

Homecoming Highlights
Friday is not just about dressing up; it’s also Homecoming day! We will be having a homecoming football game, and crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen. It’s a day filled with school spirit, excitement, and cheers.

Raffle for Dressed-Up Doggos

Throughout the week, every day your dog comes dressed up for spirit week will earn them an entry into our raffle. The more days they participate, the better their chances of winning the fabulous prize. After all, it’s not just about looking cute; it’s also about having a blast!

So, gear up for a week of canine spirit, school pride, and endless fun. Whether your dog is rocking school colors or taking a trip back to the ’80s, let’s make this spirit week one to remember for our furry companions. Show your spirit, snap some adorable photos, and make memories that will have tails wagging for years to come! #DoggySpiritWeek

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September Adventures with Your Pooch

September Adventures with Your Pooch: Embrace the Fall Foliage

Have you seen the temperatures they are predicting for the metro next week? As the air starts to cool and the leaves begin to change, September marks the transition into a beautiful season – fall. It’s the perfect time to step outdoors and explore the wonders of nature with your furry friend. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some fantastic activities you can enjoy with your dog in September, making the most of this vibrant and refreshing season.

1. Leafy Strolls: Take leisurely walks through parks, forests, or your neighborhood to appreciate the changing colors of the leaves. Bring along a camera to capture the stunning fall foliage and your dog’s joyful expressions.

2. Picnic in the Park: Pack a picnic basket with your favorite autumn snacks, and find a cozy spot in the park. Your pup will love sharing a meal with you amidst the rustling leaves and crisp breeze.

How do I get started?

3. Camping Getaway: We love camping and hiking! Plan a dog-friendly camping trip. Camping offers an array of outdoor experiences, from hiking trails to starry nights by the campfire. Make sure to bring your pup’s favorite blanket or bed for added comfort.

4. Doggy Playdates: Organize playdates with friends or neighbors who have dogs. Let your furry companions romp and frolic together in a dog park or a secure backyard.

5. Agility Training: Our agility equipment here art Vera’s is always a huge hit! The dogs love to show us what they can do. Maybe its the treats they get when they do such a good job! Engaging your dog’s mind and body with agility training is so good for them. Set up a mini obstacle course in your yard for some fun challenges.

6. Visit a Pumpkin Patch: Fall is my favorite, and the pumpkin patches will be popping up before we know it!Explore a pumpkin patch together. Some patches are dog-friendly and make for great photo ops among the pumpkins. Just be mindful of your dog’s behavior around pumpkins – they might want to take a bite!

Remember to bring essentials like water, waste bags, and snacks for your pup during your adventures. Safety and comfort should always be a priority.

As September ushers in the beauty of autumn, seize the opportunity to create lasting memories with your canine companion. Whether you’re hiking in the woods, apple-picking, or simply enjoying a relaxing picnic, there’s no better way to embrace the charm of fall than with your four-legged friend by your side. So, grab your leash and set out on a paw-some September adventure together! 🐾🍂

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Lab-Adore Day: Unleashing Love and Joy for Canine Companions!

Lab-Adore Day: Unleashing Love and Joy for Canine Companions!

Are you ready for a heartwarming and tail-wagging event like no other? Look no further than the upcoming Lab-Adore Day on September 9th, 2023. It’s a day dedicated to celebrating the unconditional love of our four-legged friends while creating a platform for adoption, shopping, and indulgence.

8533 NW Expressway

Lab-Adore Day isn’t just your typical event – it’s a community gathering filled with endless opportunities to support our furry pals. With a stellar lineup of vendors Lab-Adore Day promises to be an event where tails will be wagging and hearts will be melting.

Meet Our Incredible Vendors:

  • Fur Lift Animal
  • Transportation
  • Patiently Pawlished
  • Canine Training
  • Ya Ya Co
  • Brindles Pupcakes
  • The Black Dogery
  • Everything Ean
  • Handmade By Grammy
  • June
  • AB’s Freshies
  • Bark Bling Boutique
  • FreezyFina Freeze Dried
  • Candy & Fruit
  • Crazy Quilt Fiddler
  • 626 Crafts
  • Laughing Tees & Unique
  • Resin
  • Cindy’s Creations
  • B & B Products
  • Emerald Essence Gems
  • Haology Beauty
  • Mellie Mouse Customs
  • Pink Zebra
  • Penny Lynn Designs

Supporting Rescues and Giving Back
Lab-Adore Day isn’t just about fun and shopping – it’s about making a difference. By donating $2, you’ll be entered into our exciting raffle, with all proceeds benefiting our participating rescues:

🐕 Underdogs Rescue
🐶 Mutt Misfits Adoption
🐾 Pooch Pals Rescue

Indulge Your Taste Buds

And of course, no event is complete without delicious eats! Satisfy your cravings with scrumptious offerings from:

🍖 Sam Lively Barbeque
🍩 Dried The Hangry Halo Mini Donuts
🍰 Naenas Sweets & Treats
🎂 Nothing Bundt Cakes

Mark your calendars for September 9th, 2023 – Lab-Adore Day is a celebration of love, joy, and all things canine. Join us for a day that promises to warm your heart, pamper your pets, and contribute to a worthy cause. Together, let’s celebrate the bond we share with our furry friends!

Follow us on Social Media for more updates and details about Lab-Adore Day – an event that promises to leave a pawprint on your heart. 🐕🛍️🎉

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Posh Paws- From Shaggy to Chic

Posh Paws- From Shaggy to Chic

We’ve all been there – the struggle to keep our furry friends looking as fabulous as they deserve. Amidst the playful frolics and joyful barks, one grooming aspect stands out: nail care. Those adorable paws are not just meant for running and playing; they’re also crucial indicators of your dog’s health. At Vera’s Posh Paws, we understand the importance of pampering your four-legged companions, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our upcoming Posh sPAW day on August 31, 2023 – a nail trim, paw balm, and nail polish extravaganza, all for just $30. Get ready to transform your pup’s paws from shaggy to chic, making them the talk of the dog park!

Beyond the Aesthetics

Nail care isn’t just about maintaining an appealing appearance (though your pup’s paw-dicure will certainly turn heads!). It’s also a matter of their well-being. Overgrown nails can lead to discomfort, potential injuries, and even posture problems. That’s why it’s vital to keep those nails trimmed to a comfortable length.

Here are some compelling reasons why regular nail maintenance for your furry friend is so important:

Comfort and Mobility: Overgrown nails can cause discomfort and even pain for your dog. Long nails can curve back into the paw pad, leading to pain while walking or running. This discomfort can hinder their mobility and enthusiasm for play.

Preventing Joint and Posture Issues: When nails are too long, they can alter your dog’s natural posture and gait. This can place undue stress on their joints and lead to issues such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other musculoskeletal problems.

Avoiding Injuries: Dogs with long nails are more susceptible to injuries. Overgrown nails can catch on objects or surfaces, potentially leading to torn or broken nails. In extreme cases, this can result in bleeding and pain.

Preventing Scratching and Infections: Overgrown nails can scratch your dog’s skin and even you. Scratches can open up wounds that might become infected. Additionally, if nails are too long, they can force your dog to walk on the sides of their paws, leading to irritation and potential infections.

Improved Traction: Properly trimmed nails help dogs maintain better traction on various surfaces. This is especially important for senior dogs or those with mobility issues.

Enhancing Your Dog’s Quality of Life: Regular nail maintenance ensures that your dog can move comfortably, play freely, and maintain a higher quality of life. Happy, healthy paws contribute to a happier overall demeanor.
Regular nail trimming is essential, but it’s equally important to do it correctly. Cutting the nails too short can cause pain and bleeding, which is why many pet owners prefer to have this done by professional groomers who have experience and expertise in dog nail care.

Vera’s Posh Paws understands the significance of maintaining your dog’s nails at a proper length. Our skilled groomers, like Elysia and McKenzie, ensure that your pup’s paw care is in safe hands.

Posh sPAW Day: Elevate the Paw-dicure Experience

Mark your calendars for August 31, 2023 – Posh sPAW Day! Your pup deserves a day of luxury, and we’re offering the ultimate package: a nail trim, paw balm, and nail polish for just $30. Whether your furry companion’s style is classic chic or vibrant flair, we’ve got a nail polish to match their personality.

Nail care is an essential part of your dog’s well-being, and there’s no better way to treat your furry friend than with a touch of luxury from Vera’s Posh Paws. Join us and let Elysia and McKenzie work their magic on your pup’s paws. From nail trims to pampering paw balms and the finishing touch of nail polish, your pup’s paws will thank you for the posh treatment.

Get ready to unleash the chic paws in your life!

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Paws and Patriotism: Dogs Getting Ready for Labor Day

Paws and Patriotism: Dogs Getting Ready for Labor Day

As summer winds down and the promise of fall lingers in the air, one of my favorite holidays approaches – Labor Day! This cherished day is not just for humans – our furry friends can join in on the fun too. From tail-wagging barbecues to patriotic parades, here’s how you and your dog can get ready for a memorable Labor Day together.

To ensure your pets safety, watch out for these common Easter items:

1. Stylish Stars and Stripes:
Nothing says “Labor Day” like a touch of red, white, and blue! Deck out your pup in a patriotic bandana or collar to show off their festive spirit. Whether you’re attending an event or just spending time in the backyard, your furry friend will be the center of attention.

Vera’s Posh Paws has two events coming up featuring vendors who sell pet related products! Come out and see if you can find something PAWtriotic for you and your furry friend to wear!

Moore-Saturday August 12th
OKC-Saturday September 9th

2. Safe and Sound Celebrations:
While the celebrations can be exhilarating, it’s important to prioritize your dog’s safety. Keep in mind that loud noises such as crowds and fireworks can be distressing for many dogs. Create a cozy and secure space indoors where your dog can retreat if the festivities become overwhelming.

3. Tail-Wagging BBQs:
Labor Day and barbecues go hand in hand, and your pup can enjoy the foodie excitement too! Prepare some dog-friendly treats or grill up a boneless chicken or turkey piece for your furry friend. Just make sure to avoid foods that can be harmful, such as onions, garlic, and grapes.

We make Posh Pops all summer long here at Vera’s! These are also a great idea to make and celebrate with your dog! You can use any of their favorite ingredients such as peanut butter, yogurt, bananas or real fruit! Just freeze into any mold and enjoy!

4. Splash and Play:
If you’re lucky enough to have warm weather on Labor Day, consider busting out the slip-n-slide! Many dogs love a good splash in the water, and it’s a great way for them to beat the heat and enjoy some outdoor activity. Fill a kiddie pool or just play in the hose! If you have a water dog, they will love you for this.

5. Commemorative Photoshoot:
Capture the essence of Labor Day with a themed photoshoot! Dress your dog in their best red, white, and blue ensemble, and snap some adorable photos to remember the day by. Be sure to tag Vera’s Posh Paws on Social Media. We love to see what your puppets are up to!

As you gear up for Labor Day festivities, remember that your dog’s happiness and comfort are top priorities. Whether you’re enjoying a backyard BBQ or marching in a parade, cherish the moments you share and the bond you’ve built with your furry companion.

If you have plans this labor day that aren’t considered pet friendly, leave your pup with us! We will have all kinds of fun planned for the holiday weekend! Be sure to schedule your boarding today as spots are limited and fit up fast for holidays!

This Labor Day, let the tail-wagging commence, the treats be savored, and the joy of togetherness be celebrated in all its patriotic glory. 🐾🇺🇸

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Is Your Dog Ready for Back-to-School?

Is Your Dog Ready for Back-to-School?

It’s already that time again to send the kiddos back to school. As the excitement builds, getting back into a school routine can bring all kinds of chaos and emotions. Kids are excited to see their friends again and meet their new teacher. Parents are excited for routines and early bedtime schedules but what about your dog?

While some dogs handle the back-to-school change fine, for others it can be scary or frustrating to see summer fade and kids go back to school. For many, summer is full of outdoor activities the dogs can also enjoy. But as Summer fades to Fall the doggos end up spending more and more time alone. A teacher friend’s dog did fine with the summer-to-fall school transition when he was a pup but, now at 10 years old, has developed a fear of being left alone for long periods of time when fall rolls around. In his case, it’s cumulative: on Monday he’s okay, Tuesday he’s more concerned, and by Thursday he’s barking continuously and digging and chewing at doorways.


Maybe you have a new puppy that is going to have to get used to a quiet house during the day, or maybe you have a senior dog who is going to miss his companions when the kids go back to school. Does your dog have high energy and you are afraid of what he will get into when left alone all day? No matter the age, size, breed, or behavior back to school is the perfect time to try out doggy daycare for your fur kiddos! We have lots of back to school activities planned at Vera’s in the coming months!

Meet the Teacher – For the whole month of August we will be highlighting our employees from both locations on our social media pages. This is a great way to get familiar with the staff who works with your pup every day and be able to put names with faces. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can learn more about all our teachers!

Back-to-School Photos – Be sure to bring your kiddos in for daycare on the 8th of August to get their back to school pictures made

New Agility Equipment – If you haven’t seen already, both locations just got tons of new agility equipment. We can’t wait to see what the kiddos will learn this Fall on the agility course. Physical Education is the only subject that makes your heart race after all. 🙂

Teacher Appreciation – Are you or someone you know an education? From the 1-11th of August, all educators will get FULL-DAY daycare for the price of a half-day. Must show teacher ID at drop off. Be on the lookout for future teacher appreciation throughout the school year.

In addition we have daily activities and enrichment for your dogs to enjoy every single day at Vera’s Posh Paws.

We know you have enough to worry about this time of year. We want to help in any way possible to make the transition back-to-school as easy as possible for you and your dog. If you are wanting to try our Vera’s Posh Paws for the first time, be sure to get registered today. Their first day is always FREE!