Vera's Posh Paws


Choosing the Best Pet Care

When pet parents need someone to watch over their pets while they are not around. which one of the methods is more suited for you and your dog’s needs?

Are you looking to save money? Are you looking for the best service for your pets, or perhaps planning to treat it like a king so that it wouldn’t have to worry about you going away?The unconditional and boundless love from the furry angels deserves more than just care! Luxury Care Hamper? Yes!

This is especially for your affectionate Furry! To achieve this, Luxury Dog Boarding Services offer the following:

•             Boarding –  welcome at any time.
•             Pampering as you do –  Round the clock.
•             Care -Everything from caring to curing.
•             Fun Assured –  Never get bored doing nothing all day.
•             Meals -Drooling delight with delicious meals.
•             For Relaxing – Luxury suites, inspiring, exciting and safe environment with a relaxing lounge providing exquisite experience to your adorable pets.
•             Large indoor/outdoor play areas –  where your dog will spend time playing with friends (two-legged and four-legged).
•             Caretakers -Lots of love and attention with endless energy and compassion.

Affordable Overnight Dog Boarding:

It is given with attention, comfort, and love to your pet and your pet doesn’t need to anxiously await all alone at home eagerly awaiting your return. They can instead

  • Make new friends,
  • Learn new skills,
  • Play and relax at our day-care facility.

For that Vera’s Posh Paws has

  • Large, upscale kennels and luxury suites for overnight guests,
  • Large indoor/outdoor play areas where your dog will spend time playing with friends in a balance of organized activities and free playtime in the yard for more recreation.
  • Kuranda cot to sleep easily and comfortably. All services necessary to take the absolute best of care of your pup are included in the overnight boarding rate, with no extra charge for the extras.
  • Medications,
  • Food,
  • Blankets,
  • Playtime,
  • Snuggle time,
  • Hugs,
  • Kisses, and
  • Belly rubs are always included in their standard care.

Dog Grooming Services in Moore and OKC:

Whether you want a full-service bath with a haircut or a holistic groom with all-natural shampoos and conditioners, Vera’s Posh Paws offers the best! They have a stainless steel tub with multiple shampoos including organic all-natural shampoos that are pesticide and chemical-free, cream rinse and finishing spray choices, power dryers, heavy spa towels, and combs brushes for a spa bath, deshed, grooming haircut or holistic groom. Their full-service professional groomers have years of experience and a gentle touch. Their prices are very competitive.

Your Pup Receives:

  • Lots of love and attention 
  • Tons of exercise
  • Socialization with other dogs & people
  • Clean, fun, and safe environment
  • Doggy Webcams Indoor/outdoor play areas
  • Supervised play time Rooms for naps & overnight stays
  • Cozy kuranda cots
  • Air conditioned/ heated indoor play yards

Signs That Your Dog May Have a Fever

To limit disease transmission, disinfectants are used as a routine and dedicated food and water bowls provided for besides ensuring no diseases are carried into the building or spread through ventilation! Your pet’s health and wellness is of prime importance at this facility, therefore, a dedicated qualified staff is employed to facilitate the same.

Don’t hesitate and get in touch!