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Dogs are sources of love, care and security at home. These fluffy pets are family for every pet owner. Even a small mood off in a pup feels like heartburn for its owner. What causes some unexpected change in the behavior of dogs is loneliness- the solitude it experiences when its owner is not around!

More than any other domesticated animal, these intelligent species are specially evolved to get emotionally connected with humans. Throughout the pages of history and even today, dogs remain man’s best friend. They are considered icons of loyalty and the examples of love they have for their owners are heard every day. Without the proximity of their loved ones, dogs do get depressed. They become aggressive, reject food intake and often become destructive by nature.

Whenever owners are away, they leave their pups at daycare. Here they receive care from experts who keep them involved in various productive activities throughout the day. Active involvement spares no time for dogs to miss their owners. They remain engaged and happy during the stay and when the owner comes back to receive their dog back, it wags its tail with gratitude.

But today owners are sending their dogs to daycare even when they are home!

The reason is the wide recognition daycare centers received recently for improving canine culture in the USA. Dogs that regularly visit daycare are found to be mentally more stimulated and well socialized. Here are the benefits owners and their lovely dogs get from daycare services:

Daycare training avoids potential bad habits in dogs

Excessive barking, chewing and digging – boredom makes dogs indulge in these bad habits. Daycare offers a positive and active environment that is stress-free. The interactions and care they receive from training staff and peer dogs keep boredom away.

Involvement with the two-legged and four-legged makes dogs smart

Daycare centers are becoming a second home for dogs.The supervisors at daycare show similar care and warmth as their owners. Mingling with other canine companions out there keeps each dog stimulated and creates a sense of belonging to a group which probes them to develop a more outward and pleasant behavior.

Dog boarding keeps them healthy and comfortable

Many daycares offer dog boarding services with big indoor/outdoor play areas where dogs spend sufficient time with their peers. Dogs get enough space to run and play – this improves physical activity that strengthens muscles and enables complete physical growth and development.

Food, blankets, snuggle time, recreational activities and a well-furnished overnight board room for sound sleep are becoming common in daycare facilities.

Daycare services include professional dog grooming too

Apart from the regular bath, daycares are offering a complete set of dog grooming services. Professional groomers with profound experience have the knack for a gentle approach; they perform spa baths, haircutting, nail trimming and much more without bothering the dog. For healthy skin, more and more daycares are now switching to the use of pesticides & chemical-free grooming kits.

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