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Why dog daycare and how do I get started?

Are you working or away from home during the day? Does your dog seem to have unending energy or display any negative behaviors when left alone? Maybe your dog is anxious or lonely when you are away? The average person works an 8-hour workday. Once you factor in your commute, errands, and social activities, your dog could be spending 10+ hours alone every day. Besides the obvious need for bathroom breaks, 10 hours alone can get pretty boring. It’s easy to understand why your dog acts out. Lack of attention and interactions while you are out of the home may lead to destructive and disobedient behaviors from even the best dogs. Instead of leaving your pup home alone and hoping for the best, consider bringing them to Vera’s for daycare where they will get to play all day!

At daycare your dog will get interaction with humans and other dogs. They will become more socialized and love spending time playing with new doggy friends, this is especially important for young puppies as they work on developing their social skills. While it’s true that some dogs will sleep all day if they are left alone, this type of sedentary lifestyle isn’t healthy long-term. The lack of mental and physical activity can lead to weight issues, mobility issues, and destructive behaviors as a result of boredom. Our daycare also has enrichment and daily activities to keep the dogs stimulated. Daycare dogs live active fit lifestyles! But maybe most of all YOU will get peace of mind while you are away from home. You can focus on your tasks knowing that your dog is happy and well cared for at Vera’s.

How do I get started?

The very first day of daycare is what we call the “interview” day. Our staff will do an initial assessment of your pup to determine where is the best fit for them. We have 5 spacious indoor/outdoor play yards where the dogs are separated depending on many factors such as age, temperament and activity levels. 

The interview will begin by letting your dog get comfortable with the scents and sounds of our facility. Then they will meet both male and female staff members to ensure they are comfortable with us and allow us to handle their leash, touch their collar and approach them without any signs of fear or aggression. 

Next we will introduce them to a few dogs in a controlled area. If that goes well, your dog will be brought out into one of our play yards to meet their new friends. After we see they are getting comfortable in the yard new dogs will be introduced slowly in a supervised manner. 

If tails are wagging and we believe the introduction was a positive experience your dog will pass the interview and be allowed to schedule daycare, boarding or grooming. The interview process typically takes about 3 hours to complete. As long as your dog passes you are free to leave them until 6:30 that day. The interview day is always a free day of daycare!

We offer full transparency and we understand daycare isn’t for every dog. Although it is rare, if your dog does not pass please do not be offended or embarrassed. That doesn’t mean your dog is bad, it just means group daycare may not be for them and that’s perfectly okay! We want every dog to feel safe and comfortable. 

To know more about dog daycare services and to get the best care for your dog, call us any time: 405-759-7674 (Moore) or 405-759-3647 (OKC)